ASHRAE standards are very well known in the HVAC industry. Most countries rely on this handbook for formulating their own codes and regulations to make sure that energy efficiency is accounted for. They’ve been in place for over 120 years and have ensured that only compliant HVAC design is used in industry. 

In this infographic, we go over the five W’s of ASHRAE standard and we hope that this simplifies the need and importance of these standards in the HVAC industry. At Kewaunee International, we are very particular about accounting for them during the design & implementation process. A list of our ventilated device offerings can be found here:

The W’s ASHRAE Standards
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
  • Founded in 1959 (post merger)
  • Mainly monitor & create standard code & regulations to be followed for heating and cooling equipment
  • Examples: HVAC equipment
  • They are used to monitor the use of ventilation equipment
  • In the HVAC industry, they are used as the leading reference document
  • They are also used as a reference document for formulating local & regional codes & regulations
  • It’s used to ensure that the equipment design is in line with safety & utility standards
  • It also accounts for the recent developments in the design industry & ensures it’s implemented in the design & installation process
  • They have a direct impact on design & data has shown that it can increase energy efficiency
  • The rules & regulations can be found in their various training courses (instructor & self-taught)
  • They also have a handbook for HVAC equipment, making it easy to access & implement
  • Certification: ASHRAE Certified HVAC Designer (CHD)
  • The standards are accounted for during the design process to ensure it’s designed in a way that optimizes the energy process
  • They must also be cross-checked during the installation process to ensure there are no mishaps while installing it
  • It’s aimed at increasing energy efficiency – which is why accredited professionals are needed in industry

Source: Krysiak, M. (2021, February 11).

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