Turnkey Services

Turnkey Services

Kewaunee turnkey services are a one-stop solution for all your laboratory construction projects. We have successfully delivered 25+ million square feet of lab space in over 100+ countries across all industry segments.

Kewaunee turnkey services is your one-hop partner from planning through the commission. Our commitment from the fully managed, risk-mitigated turnkey solutions is a fully functional and safe lab, delivered on time and within the budget.

As an industry leader in providing total laboratory solutions, we offer engagement models tailored to meet your business dynamics, project scope, and duration.


Engineering & Build

The traditional approach is Scope -> Design -> Budget/Bid -> Re-design/Re-bid -> Build. Kewaunee’s unique approach integrates the building expertise in the planning phase itself. Our approach delivers a substantial reduction in re-design efforts and costs. As a one-hop partner, Kewaunee turnkey services offers a hassle-free and risk-mitigated lab project for you.

  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
  • Project Management
  • HVAC, Exhaust, Gas Distribution, Electrical, Fire Protection, Lab Effluent & Plumbing systems
  • Brown & green field projects
  • Fast-Track & Quick-Ship programs
  • Real time project management services (K-SMART)

Commission & Support

You might heave a sigh of relief on completing the build phase. But, commissioning a new lab can throw unexpected challenges. When thousands of variables get involved, even if one doesn’t fit into the overall scheme, it can cause to delays and rework. Kewaunee approach keeps the end state in mind during design, planning, build phases. No more worries of commissioning.

  • Laboratory validations as per CGLP/ CGMP Guidelines
  • Certifications, audits, and compliances
  • Documentations & checklists
  • Health & safety guidelines
  • Spare parts management
  • Kewaunee Green Guardian IoT solution to monitor & manage lab safety and efficiency

Turnkey Services

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