Our Leadership

Our Leadership Creators of inspiring vision

Our diverse leaders set the strategic direction for the company and help everyone realise the organisation’s vision through execution.

Thomas D. Hull III

President, Chief Executive Officer

B Sathyamurthy
B. Sathyamurthy

Vice President International Operations, Kewaunee Scientific Corporation, USA & Managing Director - International Operations

Srinivas P N
Srinivas P N

Vice President, International Business Operations

Harikrishan Rao K
Harikrishna Rao K

Vice President, Factory Operations

Ravi Tibrewal
Ravi Tibrewal

Vice President, International Finance Operations

Sweta Gupta
Sweta Gupta

General Manager, Human Resources

gopal S.B
Gopal S.B

Director, Business Excellence

Subrato Dey
Subrato Dey

Vice President, Engineering & Project Operations


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