Know the difference CAV vs VAV Fume Hoods

Infographic : Know The Difference  CAV vs VAV Fume Hoods

What is it? Constant volume Systems exhaust a constant volume of air fro the fume hood. The volume is constant always irrespective of the hood use, sash position or operating mode. Variable air systems vary the volume of the air exhausted from the fume hood, depending on the fume hood use, sash position etc. However, they maintain the face velocity at a set level.
Energy efficiency less energy efficient extremely energy efficient
Cost of procuring less expensive to buy VAV hoods with controls are relatively expensive, but costs lower with cumulative life more than 3 years.
Cost Saving / ROI Longer time for ROI Shorter time for ROI through energy savings.
Safety Provides basic safety of personnel and equipment Increased safety with presence sensors and IOT technologies.
Reliability less susceptible to breakdowns Regular maintenance of the moving parts and electronics ensures  long-term reliability and consistent energy savings.

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