Laboratory fume hoods are one of the most reliable engineering controls in the laboratory. Fume hoods protect lab users by containing vapours, dusts, and gases generated within the hood. Fume hoods remove the fumes as air flows into the hood and then out via the laboratory exhaust system. Enhanced with the Venturi containment technology, Kewaunee fume hoods manufactured in India and USA are what the modern laboratories require.Designed & tested to meet ASHRAE 110-2016 and EN-14175-3 standards, Venturi fume hoods are the safest and the most energy efficient model in the market today. The user-friendly features accommodate the needs of new generation scientists. The rigid frame construction assures solid installation, low vibration, and sound levels.Kewaunee is a leading fume hood manufacturer in India and USA. Our fume hoods come in a wide choice of pre-designed models to choose from or customised to the needs of a modern laboratory. Please contact us to get more details on the fume hood price and fume hood specifications.