Task lights are crucial in any type of laboratory. They help in ensuring that the laboratory is well-illuminated and there is no room for error while personnel are working in these spaces. By using efficient yet strong lighting, the amount of eye strain is also reduced and puts the personnel at ease while working.

At Kewaunee International, we are experienced in creating products that are in line with what our customers expect. Our task lighting is mercury-free and has a long lifespan, ensuring that you get the best out of what you purchase from us. As needed, we can fit them in wherever you need them. You can view our products here: https://www.kewaunee.in/accessories.php 

The Key Pointers
What are they?
  • Task lights are important lighting systems that can be placed across the laboratory for direct and clear illumination
  • They comprise LED lights
  • It has a soft blend light pattern to reduce eye strain
How are they made?
  • The LED lights are mercury-free & comprises 35% pre-recycled material
  • The lifespan of these are lights are approximately 50000 hours
  • Material of Construction: Anodized aluminium with plastic end caps
  • Occupancy sensor: Switches off after 30 mins of inactivity
  • Mount: Magnet (for metal) & Screw (for wood)
Where can they be used?
  • They can be used across the laboratory
  • They are mostly fitted on ceilings with certain exceptions like within wood and steel assemblies
  • They can also be placed in the sitting area where personnel record their data
When should you choose it?
  • Useful for experimentation where personnel could handle harmful substances
  • Also used right above writing/ drawing board so that there is clear illumination on what’s being written
  • They can also be placed inside biosafety/ fume hoods

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