Radioisotope Fume Hood — An Overview

Radioactive materials are extremely dangerous for human beings and working with them can be tricky business. To protect laboratory personnel from further harm, radioisotope fume hoods can ensure that radioactive contaminants are disposed of the right way and do not harm those working with them.

At Kewaunee International, we have a highly compliant product suite that fits the needs of different laboratories while ensuring that the hoods are compliant as per international regulatory standards. We assure you that with features such as electronic sash and cup sinks for ease of use, the hood will contribute to the high safety standards in your laboratory. You can view our range here:

The W’s Key Pointers
What are they?
  • A type of fume hood that is specifically used for radioactive experiments 
  • It is used only for beta and gamma radiation environments
  • They can protect the user from exposure to different radioactive materials such as polonium, radium, strontium, tritium, and radioactive waste
Why do you need to use them?
  • Radioactive materials are extremely dangerous to human beings and can cause severe DNA damage and chronic illness
  • Besides laboratory personnel, these hoods prevent the exposure of such materials within the environment too — preventing any widespread contamination
  • Material of Construction: Stainless Steel
  • It has a vertical sash to protect the personnel during use
  • The interior is 48 inches giving the personnel ample space to work
  • Recommended face velocity: 100 FPM (790 CFM & 0.40 SP); 120 FPM (950 CFM & 0.50 SP)
What are the compliance standards?
  • ASHRAE Standard 110.2016 – Method of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods
  • NIH03-112C – National Institute of Health Specification
  • UL – Underwriters Laboratories
  • ASTM D552 – Bending Test
  • NFPA-45 – National Fire Protection Association

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