Pre-start-up Safety Review (PSSR) checklists are a crucial aspect in the manufacturing sector. Before any product is sent for final commissioning, it needs to be approved using these checklists so that all stakeholders of the design, planning, and manufacturing processes are onboard. It helps in collaborating with other departmental members and ensuring that the product is of top-notch quality.

At Kewaunee International, we even use PSSR checklists to cross check every fine detail before we hand off your commissioned laboratory to you. If you’d like to know more about our turnkey services, you can view them here:

The W’s Key Pointers
What is it?
  • A pre-start-up safety review (PSSR) checklist is a document used by any manufacturing team to cross things off before commissioning their facility
  • In the laboratory manufacturing industry, it would be for laboratory commissioning
  • A key aspect is that it’s tailored depending on the type of laboratory and what it’s being commissioned for
When is it used?
  • It’s used any time a new laboratory needs to be commissioned
  • It can also be used when a laboratory is going through re-validation
  • Irrespective, it should be tailored for the project before being used as a checklist
What does it contain?
  • Broad categories: Project information, General safety, Machinery and Equipment Safety, Procedures and Training, Interlocks and Alarms, Relief Devices, Piping & Valves, Mechanical Integrity, Fire & Explosion Protection, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Protection, Field Verification
  • The sub-pointers containing information on testing, validation, certifications, defined specifications, and more
  • A final handoff from these departments are also required: Engineering, Safety, Quality, and Operations

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