Steel casework is one of the most used materials in laboratory furniture. It’s preferred in most laboratory settings because of its high durability and resistance. If you’re looking to maintain a sterile environment in your laboratory, steel/ metal casework is your best option.

At Kewaunee International, we have a broad range of metal casework that meet the SEFA 8-M-2016 compliance standards and would make an excellent fit for your laboratory, no matter your needs. You can find our range of products here:

Aspects to consider Key Pointers
What is metal casework?
  • Metal casework refers to furniture made using hard steel or stainless steel
  • They are non-porous, making them ideal for laboratories that require sterile environments
  • They’re also highly resistant to moisture and microbial growth
How is it made?
  • Material of Construction: Cold-rolled steel
  • Cold-rolled steel is usually between 0.1 and 8.0 mm
  • Hot-rolled coils are used as raw material and moulded using cold work hardening
  • Therefore this material has high hardness (HRB >90)
When should you choose it?
  • Any laboratory environment that needs to be explicitly sterile at all times
  • It’s corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, microbe-resistant
  • Examples: Containment, Animal research, Industrial research, Food testing, Cleanrooms, etc.

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