IoT for Laboratories — Latest Trends & Applications

IoT technology has applications in any digital scenario these days—laboratories are no different. They’ve enabled many laboratories to synchronise their workflows, automate redundant procedures, and give personnel more time on their hands to focus on their research.

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Trends in 2022 Applications
Automated Data Collection
  • IoT sensors can detect information as its being generated & reduce transcription errors 
  • This helps in ensuring data accuracy and automating redundant tasks
Improved Equipment Tracking
  • Lack of organisation is an enormous problem in laboratories
  • It’s hard to track equipment and samples in bigger spaces
  • By using trackers like RFID tags in grocery stores, personnel can now track the equipment & save time during experiments
Remote Analysis
  • Scientists can use IoT sensors to record and analyse data remotely
  • Sensitive equipment such as incubators, fermenters, etc., which have to operate under controlled conditions, can be monitored remotely
  • Cross-laboratory collaboration also becomes simpler, as all the data is stored on cloud servers
Predictive Maintenance
  • Maintenance can also be automated or semi-automated
  • When equipment is underperforming, IoT sensors could alert personnel and ensure that calibration & maintenance is done when required
  • Using this data, the algorithms could provide predictive maintenance alerts
Improved Interconnectivity
  • IoT capabilities allow the lab environment to become more synchronised over time
  • All digital equipment can be linked together to ensure organisation, and an optimised workflow
  • It also allows for automatic data transfer when needed, which enables different teams to work more efficiently

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