Laboratory furniture is a key aspect of any functioning laboratory as they help the personnel with their daily routine. From this perspective, it’s also important to note that ultimately, we must choose the furniture in a way that it optimizes the efficiency and workflow of the user.

This infographic discusses the various aspects that you need to consider before staffing your laboratory with furniture. Right from goals to safety, it will help you understand how to go about the process and what to focus on. 

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Aspects to Consider Questions to consider
Goals of the Laboratory
  • What kind of experiments will be conducted?
  • Where will your laboratory be location?
  • What is the workflow of the laboratory & how flexible is it?
  • What is the proposed layout of the laboratory?
Storage Furniture Considerations
  • Consider what kind of equipment will be used & where they will be placed
  • Storage furniture must be of the appropriate size depending on the available space 
  • Furniture of different types must be included – Overhead shelving, Under bench shelving, Customized enclosures
Office Furniture Considerations
  • Make use of modular furniture as it offers flexibility in terms of space & usage
  • Mobile workstations & custom storage is a must in any laboratory setting
  • Use mobile carts for sensitive tools and equipment
  • For heavier tools, it’s best to use permanent fixtures to bear the weight
Safety Considerations
  • Ensure all electrical sockets and circuits are protected with proper enclosures
  • Include a ‘lockout’ procedure with a physical lock on heavy duty equipment
  • In terms of space, it’s important to include enough space between user, equipment and main workstations

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