Laboratory design and planning is an extremely intricate and time-consuming process, for good reason. If we construct a laboratory the right way, it could significantly increase the output of the work being done in that specific laboratory. With poor design, we’re only opening it up to more safety hazards and shoddy workflow.

Therefore, it’s critical that we account for every aspect and include every stakeholder’s perspective to find the best solution for the laboratory’s design. You can head out to here to know more about our lab design services.

Aspects to Consider Questions to consider
Purpose of the Laboratory
  • What kind of experiments will be conducted?
  • How many people will be doing them?
  • What kind of equipment/ reagents will be needed?
  • What is the available space to construct the laboratory? 
Scientist’s Input
  • Brainstorm with the principal investigator/ scientist who leads the laboratory
  • Always meet with all stakeholders involved
  • Different perspectives can yield a more inclusive design approach
Location & Layout
  • Location is key because it decides the amount of space available, outlet for drainage, workflow within the laboratory
  • Layout is dependent on factors such as equipment accessibility, maintenance, HVAC & Furniture requirements, etc.
  • Always ensure that stakeholders are included in this process
  • Required because research methods or scope of work changes over time
  • Easy reconfiguration must be accounted for in design
  • Control areas & hazardous areas must be identified so that design codes & standards are not affected later
  • Account for all safety regulations & standards in the design process itself
  • Ventilation systems must be tailored & safety precautions (fire exit, sinks, etc.) must be easily accessible
  • Lab planners must work with engineers to ensure these are incorporated

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