Infographic : Demystifying Fume Hoods Sash Arrangements

Vertical Sash

This arrangements provides the best horizontal and vertical access to the hood interior. But they also have the exhaust requirements – can be reduced by using gravity sash stops.

Auto-Return Vertical Sash

This arrangements uses a vertical sash that will automatically return to a pre-set position if released from a higher position. A full-open lockout is provided for set-ups.

Horizontal Sash

Horizontal arrangements provide good access into the hood vertically and allow for lower exhaust requirements. These sashes however restrict the access across the hood for loading of equipment and apparatus.

Combination Vertical Rising/Horizontal Sash

The combination arrangement provide the benefits of both the vertical and horizontal sash hoods. For normal operation the sash can be partially raised vertically, or the horizontal panels can be used.

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