Checklist For Laboratory Maintenance

Maintaining a laboratory is one of the most hectic tasks as it decides how a team works within it. If a laboratory is not maintained properly, it could lead to severe consequences, right from the decommissioning of the laboratory to injured personnel. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to follow a daily checklist and established protocols to maintain the conditions within the space.

In this infographic, we’ll look at the various aspects you need to consider when maintaining your laboratory. If you’re looking for advice on how to go about the process, get in touch with us at Kewaunee International today!

Checklist What to do
Clean Up Every Day
  • Clean counter tops and bench tops
  • Sweep floors
  • Sanitize touchpoints with 70% ethanol
Check Protective Equipment
  • Check eye and face gear for wear and tear
  • Regularly check gloves and hearing conservation equipment
Restock Hand Washing Stations
  • Clean hand washing sinks with 70% ethanol
  • Disinfect and restock soap dispensers
  • Add paper towels within reach
Maintain Emergency Stations
  • Eyewash and shower stations should be checked regular for leakage and disinfected
  • Maintenance crew must be brought in immediately if damage is found
Clean All the Equipment
  • Check all equipment for cleanliness
  • Refurbish any worn parts as soon as possible
  • Calibration must be done at regular intervals
Inventory Refrigerator & Freezer Contents
  • Keep an inventory of items stored
  • Include origin and date of expiry
  • Rotate contents within the space
Glass Cleaning & Disposal Techniques
  • Use a lab washer-disinfector and hot air-drying to wash all glass items
  • Dispose them in a dedicated big bag and they should only be half full before disposal
Introduce Policies for Waste Disposal
  • Depending on the waste generated, introduce policies to dispose of them
  • Hazardous materials must be incinerated before disposal
Inspect Emergency Equipment
  • Schedule regular maintenance & first aid kits must be kept handy
  • Fire extinguisher must be readily available
Schedule Regular Specialized Cleaning
  • Specialized cleaning, such as air duct cleaning, hood cleaning, fumigation, etc. must be outsourced in periodic intervals

Source: Laboratory Protocols 

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