Fume hoods are an integral part of any laboratory that is dealing with hazardous chemicals daily. It is also responsible for ensuring that good quality of air is maintained within the laboratory buildings as well.

Besides fume hoods protecting us, we also need to make sure that the fume hoods have the measures in place to carry out their protection utility. In this infographic, we have listed a few special considerations for fume hoods that need to be accounted for before installing them in your laboratory. 

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Aspects to Consider Points to consider
  • Proper airflow at the fume hood’s face is key to its functioning
  • Airflow must never be turbulent & must be uniform throughout operation
  • Face velocities must always be decided depending of the type of hazards & toxic chemicals that are used
  • Guidelines: OSHA, ANSI/AIHA Z9.5, SEFA
  • Installing alarms can help identify problems in functioning without manual checkups
  • Alarm device must constantly monitor hood’s performance as per standard regulations
  • It’s mandatory to use a flow monitoring device to identify changes in flow over time
  • Alarm device must also be able to detect whether or not the fume hood is being used for the right hazardous chemical
  • Guidelines: OSHA, ANSI/AIHA Z9.5, NFPA 45
  • Exhausts must always ensure that air is not re-circulated back to the laboratory
  • It must always be installed on the roof line in a vertical position to prevent air re-entry
  • In the case of toxic chemicals, air must be discharged through systems that are operating at negative pressure
  • Guidelines: ANSI/AIHA Z9.5, NFPA 45
Maintenance & Inspection
  • Quality of the fume hood must be inspected at inspection & at 3-month intervals
  • Special fume hoods must only be used for dedicated purposes & a sign must indicate the same
  • Annual performance checks must be done to identify any operational changes
  • Guidelines: OSHA, ANSI/AIHA Z9.5, NFPA 45

Source: Fume Hood Design & Standards, University of Toronto

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