Studies have shown keeping a customer can be five to 25 times cheaper than acquiring a fresh one. That’s one of the many reasons we obsess over our customers.

In 2016, we instituted Kewaunee Global Customer Support (KGSC) program, to take our customer obsession to the next level. KGCS is running successfully for the past four years now.

After closely watching the customer interactions, meetings, feedback, product usage, and service history, I came to one important realisation: Customer obsession not only benefits the customers but also helps Kewaunee.

This is my story with a pharma major in Bangalore.


Hubspot beautifully summarises customer obsession in a blog.

“Customer obsession describes organizations that continuously add value to the customer experience. These companies collect feedback regularly and prioritize customer needs in every business goal. They’re more concerned with retaining and delighting existing customers than acquiring new ones.

Customer obsession focuses on increasing retention and loyalty. By constantly improving the buyer’s journey, your customers become more dependent on your brand. They can trust your business has their best interest at heart which increases their likelihood of repeat purchases and becoming a loyal advocate of your business”.


Whilst our customer obsession journey started intending to improve customer experience to drive retention, these were the major other benefits we realised by taking a customer-first approach.


Today an overwhelming majority of our customers are repetitive. Having experienced Kewaunee at all touch points from marketing to services, our customers are in the front-seat driving meaningful relationships.

From business-as-usual to risky innovation leaps, our customers are comfortable in bringing Kewaunee into their business. This helps us channelise more of our energies into existing customers.


Every customer, at some point, has experienced a cost-based purchase, only to regret the decision soon enough. Kewaunee’s focus has always been value over cost. In a high-risk environment such as laboratories, where precious human lives are at stake, there is no question of compromising on safety and quality. With the KGCS program, we work closely with our customers in ensuring they derive the best out of their investments.

Any objection or hesitation a customer might have had over cost vanishes fast. For Kewaunee, repeat orders discussions with our customers become value focused.


The beauty with customer obsession program is we get to be a part of our customers daily lives. Especially with the KGCS program, we ingrain our teams into the customers. That gives us an opportunity to solving problems before our customers encounter them.

The customer feedback is timely, genuine, and well-intentioned. Wouldn’t you give an eye to hear what the customers really think about you?


OK, now let’s get back to the story.

The customer is a pharma major in Bangalore and a key account enrolled in the KGCS program since 2016. Kewaunee deputed a service engineer on laboratory commission as a value-add. The aim was to keep the lab facility up and running 24×7.

For the laboratory users, initial induction and familiarisation with the new laboratory became easy, as the service engineer was available to guide them through. Because of the facility size we added another service engineer to the team to help with general and safety aspects of the lab.

Soon the KGCS teams started handling queries around extra projects, modification, and other related activities. This called for deputing one more engineer to focus on new queries. A team of three engineers are working closely with the customer teams for day-to-day business and future innovations.

As part of the regular surveys on customer experience, what we found out was the customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating were high. The driving factors for the high ratings are personal attention, building relationships, trust, and transparency.

Our pharma customer continues to be a success story for customer experience. As digitalisation sweeps the laboratory industry, we are also working on deploying innovative digital tools to further the customer experience.

Well, obsession is good. And we will continue to obsess over our customers.

Kewaunee International Group

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