In the past year since the COVID-19 lockdown began, there have been many changes in the business landscape, but the laboratory space has undergone the most changes. Because of the need for a much more adaptable and flexible architecture, many new trends have come up that are directly pertaining to it. 

With research becoming more hyper-focused and ever changing in its direction, it’s important to understand how these upcoming trends can help us. 

In this infographic, you can a few trends that have come up in the past year. Check out part-2 here.

Trend What has changed?
Air Quality
  • Initial focus used to be on preventing contamination between user and product
  • Now, air quality control has refocused to including collaborative space under their control too
  • Most buildings and office space have better air quality & environmental control measures 
  • Increased safety for employees in the long run
Program Shift
  • Remote working has increased in the past year
  • It’s led to increased underutilized space that is now being converted into laboratory space
  • Increased laboratory space to office space ratio
Collaborative Team Spaces
  • Creation of more collaborative works spaces rather than individual stations for planning
  • Conference rooms & demonstration spaces are an integral part of laboratories now
  • Encourages teamwork in the research & development process
Adaptability & Flexibility
  • The pandemic has shown how fast the scope of work in a laboratory can change
  • It’s led to the creation of much more adaptable lab space
  • Increase range of furniture – Modular furniture, Moveable benches, Modular equipment & ceiling utility panels (CUPs)
Need for different programming
  • The A/E/C industry saw an increased need for different type of storage management solutions
  • High demand for cold storage equipment; and chemical & specialty gas distribution
  • The focus is on creating lab-ready spaces with minimal restructuring (Lab-hoteling facilities are in-built)

Source: Ladd, C. (2021, February 19).

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