The Importance of Lab Standards from a User’s Perspective


Effective operations in any industry depend on sound principles of Safety, Quality and Compliance without compromising on customer focus.

Safety ensures following of best practices, with continual improvement plans, in a hazard-free environment. Safe practices concerning people, position, PPEs, procedures, proper tool, and equipment ensure an incident-free workspace. Safety involves creating awareness, designing the entire lab workplace ranging from fume hood operations, and waste disposal mechanisms. Robust inventory management is vital for safe operations.

Quality puts forth Good Research Practices (GRP) by providing standard SOPs for all operations, equipment, instrument standardizations and training people for anytime-audit-readiness. Contemporaneous entries are made electronically on the procedures to ensure data integrity. It is also necessary to design a seamless coordination strategy with R&D, purchase, QC, and logistics for a successful end to end process. Mechanisms like GEMBA walks are to sustain good practices with an eye on continuous improvement.

This webinar will focus on the importance of lab standards to drive effective operations.




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    How to monitor and maintain air quality over long periods of time?

    Variable and Non-Variable air quality monitoring must be performed routinely.

    Is there any guidance document for chemical storage in Laboratories?

    SDS is the guidance document for chemical storage and transportation handling practices

    How much adequeate +ve and -ve pressure is required in the analytical labs?

    Based on the hazard and grade area classification. Same grade or class min 5 PSI.

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