The Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association (SEFA) has been pivotal in ensuring that laboratory equipment and other facilities are always created with the consumer in mind. They have classified furniture based on their adaptability, which helps the consumer understand and choose the best furniture for their laboratory’s needs. 

The SEFA 10 Guidelines specifically deal with adaptability of furniture systems and below you can see an infographic detailing the various classes & what differentiates each of them. 

At Kewaunee International, we’re particular about incorporating these guidelines too. You can find a list of our SEFA approved furniture here.

SEFA CLASS Level of Adaptability
Class 1 – Fixed Floor Mounted & Wall Supported
  • Traditional base construction
  • Cabinetry is built-in or modular
  • Worktops are on top of cabinets
Class 2 – Wall Rail Supported
  • Wall mounted & cabinet is hung on it
  • Railing can support counterbase units
  • Casework & worksurface can be hung at different heights
Class 3 – Self Supporting Frame
  • Uses floor supported cantilever frame
  • Cabinets & Worksurfaces can be suspended from a height
  • Worksurface is independent of cabinet structure
Class 4 – Core Based
  • Uses floor mounted support module
  • Provides s self-supporting structure for table frames, upper cabinets, etc.
  • Adjustment slots for height variability is present
Class 5 – Panel Based
  • Similar to core-based but use narrow support modules
  • Require attachment to overhead structures for support
  • Can be used for glass inserts, doors, etc.
Class 6 – Table Based
  • Independent floor mounted & self supporting tables
  • Used with wall mounted or other upper structures for stability
  • Fixed elements are separate – Easy relocatability
Class 7 – Free Standing Workstation
  • Table based but uses floor mounted systems
  • Workstations can be adjustable or fixed height
  • They can be preplumbered, prewired, & can be used to suspend cabinets, etc.
Class 8 – Mobile Workstation
  • Mounted on casters but similar to free working station
  • Workstations can be of any height & cabinets can be fixed or suspended
  • They incorporate adjustment slots for each element – increased adaptability

Source: SEFA Desk Reference (5th Edition), 2016

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