IGBC vs LEED Certifications

In India, the green building rating systems are used as an indicator to qualify & quantify the sustainability in building design and performance. 

As there is an increasing awareness towards sustainability, how do the two most common rating systems IGBC & LEED (USGBC) compare?

Here’s a comparative analysis based on the credit points of the two rating systems.

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Credit Points for the Green Rating Systems
Max Points Weightage Max Points Weightage
Site selection, planning, and design 18 18% 26 23.6%
Water efficiency 18 18% 11 10%
Energy efficiency 28 28% 33 30%
Building material 13 13% 11 0%
Waste management 3 3% 2 1.9%
Indoor environmental quality 13 13% 16 14.5%
Innovation in design & others 7 7% 11 10%
Total 100 100% 110 100%

Source: International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management 

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