HPLC Column Storage Cabinets are the perfect solution to store your HPLC columns and protect them from decreasing performance over time. These columns are specially made for different purposes making them extremely sensitive to vapours and odours that might be present in the laboratory. 

To prevent them from that, they are stored within dedicated HPLC cabinets that are designed to store columns of various shapes and sizes. In this infographic, we’re looking at what exactly these cabinets are, and how they are designed.

  • HPLC storage cabinets help the user store all their used columns in one place
  • As columns are sensitive to any external vapour or odour, it’s best to store them within a dedicated cabinet to protect them from any further damage
  • Poor column storage has reduced their performance over time which is why these cabinets offer increased protection
  • They are made is steel and comprise secure molded inserts that can hold columns of different sizes
  • They usually come in the sizes – ranging from 30 to 200 columns
  • They must be able to fit all end fitting types of columns
  • They comprise a row/drawer matrix that helps in easy identification
  • They have to include a central locking system with a push button to prevent any damage
  • They columns need to be stored within foam inserts

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