Research organisations need to consider their research capacities as they grow and the demand increases. One of the critical investment area is expanding the laboratories facilities. 

The term brownfield vs greenfield may be often heard during the initial strategy meetings and discussions. 

But what exactly are greenfield and brownfield laboratories? Which is the best option?

In this blog, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages to greenfield and brownfield sites.

What are they? Greenfield lab projects start afresh. Typically, the lab is built ground up on vacant sites or land.  Brownfield lab projects are built on some existing infrastructure. Typically, the site is partially developed and has some infrastructure to build on. In certain cases, brownfield projects might involve only modifications to existing structure and new fitouts.
  • More flexibility to build the lab according to needs
  • Future growth and capacity can be planned better
  • Lower maintenance costs as the equipment and machinery are typically new and covered under warranty
  • There are lesser unknowns as everything is designed from scratch
  • Faster implementation
  • Lower project costs
  • Regulatory and statutory approvals and clearances could be reused or leveraged
  • Existing staff with knowledge of infra and facility
  • Project cost larger than brownfield
  • Longer implementation
  • Regulatory and statutory approvals and clearances would be needed and may take time
  • Need to hire and train staff for the new facility
  • Accommodation & living facilities for construction crew may not exist
  • May be inflexible due to prevailing infrastructure 
  • Scaling may become a challenge due to space constraints
  • Old infra may require more maintenance and sometimes complete overhaul
  • Demolition requirement may drive up time and cost

There are both advantages and disadvantages to greenfield and brownfield laboratories. Whether your project is a brand-new multi-story research center, or the remodel of an existing lab, Kewaunee provides the full range of services from design and engineering, through the final installation and start-up.

Talk to our experts with knowledge of turnkey laboratory services and compliances before you start your next lab project.

Kewaunee, the global leader in total laboratory solutions, empowers organisations to achieve competitive advantage through safe, efficient, and contemporary laboratories. In existence since 1906, Kewaunee powers the laboratories for over 5,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

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