Ehs Safe Laboratory Design

Laboratories must offer safe working conditions for the researchers, maintenance staff, and other inhabitants. 

The EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) guidelines for best practices and safety standards must be incorporated early on starting with the laboratory design.

The safety practices must cover the general lab layout, infrastructure, equipment, HVAC, exhaust, gas distribution & electrical, fire protection, lab effluent & plumbing systems, operations and practically all aspects.

Kewaunee advisory services are a unique blend of strategy and execution. Our experts with knowledge of turnkey laboratory services and compliances guide you from start to finish.

Laboratory design Lab area & layout, open & confined spaces, breakout rooms, office area, etc.
Laboratory infrastructure Hallways, aisles, storage & material handling, shelves & worksurfaces, doors & signages, entry/exits, walls & ceilings, lighting, flooring, maintainability, etc.
Laboratory ventilation Fume Hood, local exhaust ventilation, air intake & circulation, ducts & insulation, exhaust and filtration, fans.
Laboratory containment Biosafety Cabinets, Clean rooms, other containment devices based on research needs.
Electrical Switches, circuit panels, emergency & backup, fire & smoke detection systems, etc.
Plumbing General plumbing, emergency showers, eyewashes, etc.
Gas systems Gas piping, gas leakage detection, gas storage, etc.
Lab waste Waste segregation, collection & storage, pre-treatment
Lab operations Noise insulation, dust control, emergency shutdown procedures, etc

Kewaunee, the global leader in total laboratory solutions, empowers organisations to achieve competitive advantage through safe, efficient, and contemporary laboratories. In existence since 1906, Kewaunee powers the laboratories for over 5,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

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