Design Considerations For BSL I BSL II Labs

Biosafety laboratories are an essential tool for any work that involves high-level containment. In today’s research savvy world, it’s important to understand the different biosafety levels mandated by compliance organizations and how they’re differentiated.

In this infographic, we’re going to focus on the specifics of BSL-I and BSL-II laboratories and what you need to account for before setting up your own containment level. At Kewaunee International, we’re the experts in understanding your requirements and which laboratory type is best suited for your work. If you’re looking for guidance on the same, check out our Biosafety Laboratories offerings here:

Types of Lab Design Considerations
  • Doors for access control must be present
  • Sinks for hand washing must be present
  • Design the laboratory keeping cleaning & maintenance practice in mind
  • Furniture must be placed in such a way that operations and maintenance both can happen without interruptions
  • Bench tops must be hazard proof – unable to absorb chemicals & be abrasion-proof 
  • Sitting furniture must be made of impervious materials like leather for easy disinfection
  • Any windows present must have screens on them
  • Doors must be self-closing
  • Sings must be near the exit door
  • The furniture must be laid in the same way as BSL-I labs
  • Windows opening to exterior are not recommended
  • Vacuum lines must be protected with HEPA filters
  • Mechanical ventilation for inward flow of air must be present
  • Recirculation of air is only permitted if exhaust with HEPA filters are present & monitored regularly
  • Decontamination facilities must be present
  • No formal offices must be present within the laboratory
  • Locked room for medical waste accumulation and storage must be present

Source: University of California Lab Design Manual

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