Demonstration Fume Hoods What Are They

It’s hard to conduct practical sessions for employees or students when you’re dealing with hazardous materials. Here, a demonstration fume hood is the ideal choice for trainers as it gives them the much-needed space, and visibility to show various protocols and experiments.

In this infographic, we’ll look at the specifics of a demonstration fume hood and how it helps us. If you’re looking for a demonstration fume hood for your educational institution or company, at Kewaunee International, we have a host of fume hoods available for you:

  • Demonstration fume hoods are hoods that are specifically used for educational purposes
  • They’re useful for teaching students at university/ school or even for employee training sessions
  • It provides visibility to the interior of the hood from all sides, making it the ideal solution for education
  • Since most training sessions involve training the students or employees on protocols involving hazardous materials, it’s best to use a 360o visibility hood
  • It protects both the user and the trainees involved in the session 
  • As they provide access on over one side, multiple people can work and train at the same time
  • They are manufactured in different sizes – 4 to 8 feet tall
  • The interior height is usually between 40 to 50 inches
  • It works on the same principle of a standard ductless fume hood, making it easy to install and use
  • They also comprise warning alarms in case of leakage or too much toxic buildup within the unit
  • Compliance governing standards – ANSI, OSHA, AFNOR and BSI 

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