Biosafety cabinets (BSC or BSL) are a great way to protect users from potential biological hazards while working with them. To ensure that these cabinets perform the task of protecting the end user, they must pass a few regulatory tests to be compliant. The two main regulatory standards are EN 12469 and NSF/ANSI 49 which are considered the gold standard in the Europe and the United States, respectively. 

In the infographic given below, we can see the various guidelines that the BSL cabinets need to adhere to, to be compliant. If you’re looking to buy a completely tested and compliant BSL cabinet, look no further. At Kewaunee International, we have a vast range of BSC cabinets for various purposes.

Kewaunee’s Interceptor Biosafety Cabinet is the only NSF certified biosafety cabinet manufactured in India.

Standards Guidelines
  • Meant only for BSL-II cabinets
  • It does include a microbiological challenge requirement
  • There is no specified downflow velocity for the airflow but you need to use a thermoanemometer to measure it
  • Minimum inflow velocity should be 0.51 m/s
  • The performance envelope for the airflow is between +/-0.025 m/s of the given setpoints
  • Pressure leak is tested by soap bubble pressure test
  • Filter leak is tested by generated aerosol challenge
  • No specifications to test room airflow in situ
  • Noise level must be 67 dB at head position
  • Vibration testing is a must
  • Light testing is also a must – 650 lux
EN 12469
  • Meant for all types of BSL cabinets (I-III)
  • The microbiological requirement is optional depending on the end usage
  • Recommended downflow is 0.25 to 0.5 m/s
  • Minimum inflow should be 0.4 m/s
  • No specified performance envelope standards
  • Soap bubble pressure test is one of the many different test types to test pressure leaks
  • Filter leak is tested by generated aerosol challenge
  • Room airflow testing is option – done using potassium iodide
  • Noise level must be 67 dB from access opening centre
  • Vibration testing is a must
  • Light testing is also a must – 650 lux

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