SEFA Recommended Practice

The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) is an international trade association comprised of manufacturers of laboratory furniture, casework, fume hoods and members of the design and installation professions.

SEFA and its committees are active in the development and promotion of Recommended Practices. SEFA’s Recommended Practices are developed in and for the public interest. These practices are: 

  • designed to promote a better understanding between designers, architects, manufacturers, purchasers, and end-users, and 
  • to assist the purchaser in selecting and specifying the proper product to meet the user’s particular needs.

The Recommended Practices cover the design, construction, installation, testing, maintenance, and safe use of laboratory furniture, fume hoods and related laboratory products and accessories. Considering the SEFA’s Recommended Practices are periodically updated, they are numbered to include an annual suffix which reflects the year that they were updated. 

SEFA Desk Reference – Fifth Edition covers the following recommended practices:

Recommended Practice Scope
SEFA 1-2010 Fume Hoods
SEFA 2-2010 Installation
SEFA 3-2010 Work Surfaces
SEFA 4-2010 Glossary of Terms
SEFA 5-2010 Scope of Work
SEFA 7-2010 Fixtures
SEFA 8-M-2016 Laboratory Grade Metal Casework
SEFA 8-PH-2014 Laboratory Grade Phenolic Casework
SEFA 8-PL-2016 Laboratory Grade Plastic Laminate Casework 
SEFA 8-P-2014 Laboratory Grade Polypropylene Casework 
SEFA 8-W-2016 Laboratory Grade Wood Casework 
SEFA 9-2010 Ductless Enclosures 
SEFA 10-2013 Adaptable Casework Systems
SEFA 11-2010 Liquid Chemical Storage 

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