Fume Hoods Sash Configuration For Different Sash Types

Laboratory fume hoods are one of the most reliable engineering controls in the laboratory. Fume hoods protect lab users by containing vapours, dusts, and gases generated within the hood. Fume hoods remove the fumes as air flows into the hood and then out via the laboratory exhaust system. 

One of the important component and a choice to make when selecting a fume hood is the sash. A fume hood sash is a moveable panel on front portion of the fume hoods – often referred to as the fume hood door or window. Sash provides a protective barrier between the lab user and the experiment. The common sash configurations are – vertical, horizontal, and combination sash (vertical + horizontal).

Sash Type Description
Vertical Sash A vertical sash has one or more panels that can slide up and down to a height required by the operator. Hoods may be equipped with sash stops to restrict the opening height of the sash. Vertical sashes may also be designed split into multiple vertical rising sashes.
Horizontal Sash A horizontal sash has typically two or more panels that slide horizontally across the hood opening. The sash panels slide in tracks located at the top and bottom of the face opening. Horizontal sashes are used to restrict the maximum opening area of the face but allow access to the top interior of the hood enclosure.
Combination Sash A combination sash has horizontal sliding sash panels positioned in a vertically sliding sash frame. The combination sash provides the convenience of both vertical sash operation and horizontal sash operation
Telescoping Sash Two or more vertically moving sash elements whose movements are linked.

Reference: SEFA

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