Why Should You Choose A Laboratory Turnkey Infrastructure Provider?

Laboratory construction is a tedious and meticulous process. Every step of the construction process — right from planning to commission can be an uphill battle. Fortunately, turnkey services are here to solve this very issue. A turnkey laboratory project is one in which we deliver a complete setup laboratory to the consumer. The requirements are taken much beforehand, after which the service provider handles everything on their own.

Turnkey is a great way to optimize the process and let the experts handle with extended oversight. If you are concerned about building the laboratory from scratch and managing the hundreds of activities, a turnkey laboratory provider is the ideal option for you.

So, what does turnkey infrastructure include, and how can it benefit you? Let’s find out.

What does turnkey infrastructure include?

Turnkey infrastructure is a highly specialized business because it can become very laborious for laboratory owners to plan and execute any new laboratories, no matter how experienced they are. It’s essential to understand what a turnkey laboratory service can offer you before deciding on it. At Kewaunee International, we are very particular about handholding you through the process. That is clear from the fact that we take over the entire process — right from lab planning to lab commissioning.

Some of the turnkey services include Engineering, Procurement, and Construction; Gas and Exhaust systems; Electrical and Plumbing systems; GLP/GMP validation along with documentation; Real-time project management, and even audit management. The goal is that with any turnkey laboratory provider, you should be able to avail yourself of the entire end-to-end process in one place.

At the end, you must receive an entirely constructed and validated laboratory ready to be used. We also account for the standard safety and efficiency checks. Certain parts of the construction process are mandatory and standard in all construction projects. Hence, it’s always best to outsource it to a turnkey service provider so that they can implement the tried and tested methods while building your laboratory.

Benefits of Turnkey Laboratory Services

Turnkey laboratory services are specialized for the customer, and hence, that’s the reason it has become one of the most preferred options in the past few years. Besides that, we list many other benefits below:

  • Ease of communication: You have only one provider for all the phases of the laboratory construction project, which makes it easy to solve any issues that might occur in due process.
  • Decreased costs: Since there is only one service provider, in this case, you get a realistic estimate of the potential costs of the construction project, and you can also monitor any changes during the project. The overall costs get decreased over time as you are dealing with one company and would be eligible for discounted service.
  • Higher quality & protection: When you deal with one company offering a range of services, they are more synchronized than projects with multiple players in place. This assures you that the final product’s quality is high and offers you legal protection too, as they also conduct validation checks.

A turnkey laboratory service provider could be the ideal option for you when you are looking to get a laboratory constructed in a much more streamlined manner within your budget.

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