Webinar : Effective Design for Lab Safety


Improvements in laboratory safety over the last twenty years have a lot to do with modern laboratory design concepts, aesthetics, and dramatic changes in building engineering. The old-fashioned idea that a typical lab comprises “four walls and door” has long since passed.

Today’s successful laboratory design can improve research safety and compliance by designing in flexibility to account for the accelerating changes in scientific technology and focus. Two interrelated and essential elements are planning for growth (capacity) and standardized fixtures and casework (ease of maintenance).

In this presentation, the speaker will reflect upon his many years of experience as an academic health and safety advisor in improving safety performance by leveraging modern design. Using specific examples, the presenter will focus on the importance of the “handoffs” in planning and managing laboratory science.

Topics discussed:
1. A brief introduction to laboratory design from the safety advisor’s perspective.
2. A “then and now” discussion of lab design and infrastructure.
3. Critical discussions between scientists, administrators, designers, and engineers are necessary when planning new space.
4. Examples of good and not-so-good designs.
5. Planning for the success of the project and the long-term viability of the facility.

Watch this interesting and thought-provoking presentation.


Effective Design for Lab safety


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