OSHA Hazard Prevention Standards — Chemicals

Working with hazardous chemicals can be a very daunting task. Besides that, for setting up experiments, we forget to account for certain safety procedures that ultimately protect us and those around us. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that a dedicated laboratory Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) is present to implement these standards regularly.

In this infographic, we’ve detailed the different aspects that need to be considered ensuring complete protection from hazardous chemical.

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The W’s Aspects to consider
Who is covered?
  • It’s meant for laboratories that directly engage in using hazardous chemicals 
  • Employees & employers are both responsible for its enforcement
  • Regulatory standard: OSHA Lab Standard (29CFR1910.1450)
What needs to be done?
  • A Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) must be designated
  • They must have the relevant experience to draw up a Hygiene Plan
  • Special protections must be put in place such as containment boxes, sinks, etc.
  • All employees must be trained on these protocols
Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)
  • CHP must include information on how to protect, what to do in case of exposure, and how to store chemicals
  • Minimal exposure protocols such as PPE, engineering controls, etc. must be mentioned
  • Demarcate the materials which require a controlled environment
  • SOPs for medical care must be mentioned
  • Dedicated officer for procurement and evaluation of MSDS sheets must be mentioned (CHO)

Source: OSHA Laboratory Standards Fact Sheet (2011)

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