Laboratory HVAC Commissioning Process

Laboratory HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) commissioning is more complicated

than a typical building. In a laboratory, the HVAC requirements are stringent on the temperature, humidity, ventilation rates, airflow directional and control, maintaining differential pressure control and integration with the fire and life safety systems. 

ASHRAE provides the guideline for the laboratory commissioning process. The benefits of a well-designed and adhered to commission include: 

  1. Methodology for delivering operable laboratories and complying with the requirements of certifying agencies
  2. A quality-assurance-focused process for enhancing the delivery of a project
  3. Verifying and documenting that the laboratory and all systems and assemblies meet the project requirements 

The various stages of the commissioning process are:

Phase Description
Predesign phase The goals and expectations of the owner are documented during the predesign phase in a significant document known as the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR). 
Design phase During the design phase, the construction documents are developed in accordance with the BOD to meet the OPR and communicate the engineer’s design to the contractor and owner.
Construction phase Commissioning process during the construction phase focuses on the quality of the installations to be in accordance with the OPR as reflected in the construction documents (i.e., drawings and specifications).
Acceptance phase The acceptance phase of commissioning focuses on the functional performance of the HVAC equipment that are critical for laboratories. 

Minor failures during the test are corrected. Major failures require a retest. 

Occupancy & operations phase The last phase of the commissioning process focuses on actions needed to follow up on warranties and making sure the expected performance is maintained for the life of the building.


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