Laboratory Health & Safety Organisations (Part 2)

The most important aspect in a laboratory is the safety of the people and the property. Laboratories regularly deal with hazardous chemicals, infective pathogens, and harmful substances.

Many national and international agencies, depending on the nature of work in the laboratory, therefore, help formulate the guidelines for health & safety. 

In an earlier blog, we look at the key agencies involved with the health and safety of individuals in the laboratory in India and USA. In this blog, let’s explore the key agencies in Europe and China.

AQSIQ General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine China In charge of national quality, metrology, entry-exit commodity inspection, entry-exit health quarantine, entry-exit animal and plant quarantine, import-export food safety, certification and accreditation, standardization, as well as administrative law enforcement.
CEN Comité Européen de Normalisation (The European Committee for Standardization) Europe To fulfil the needs of our stakeholders. A variety of stakeholders are involved in CEN and CENELEC work, amongst others business, industry and commerce, service providers, public authorities, regulators, academia and research centres, European trade associations and interest groups representing environmentalists, consumers, trade unions as well as small and medium enterprises, and other public and private institutions.
CFPA The Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Europe Europe To advance the knowledge and the understanding of matters relating to fire science, fire prevention & protection, safety & security, and other associated risks.
China CDC Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention China To protect public health and safety by providing information to enhance health decisions, and to promote health through partnerships with provincial health departments and other organizations.
ECDC European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Europe To identify, assess and communicate current and emerging threats to human health posed by infectious diseases.
EEA The European Environment Agency Europe To help the Community and member and cooperating countries make informed decisions about improving the environment, integrating environmental considerations into economic policies, and moving towards sustainability. To coordinate the European environment information and observation network
EU-OSHA The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work Europe To make European workplaces safer, healthier, and more productive — for the benefit of businesses, employees and governments. We promote a culture of risk prevention to improve working conditions in Europe.
MEE Ministry of Ecology and Environment China To improve environmental quality and build a beautiful China which enjoys blue sky, green land, and clean water.
REHVA Representatives of European Heating and Ventilation Associations Europe To develop and disseminate economical, energy efficient, safe and healthy technology for mechanical services of building; to serve its members and the field of building engineering (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) by facilitating knowledge exchange, supporting the development of related EU policies and their national level implementation.
SAC Standardization Administration of China China To deliver national standards plans, approve and publish national standards, deliberate and release important documents such as standardization policies, administrative rules, programs and announcements; to notify mandatory national standards to the public; to coordinate, guide and supervise standards work concerning industry, local areas, organizations and enterprises;
SAWS State Administration of Work Safety China To supervise the work safety of the industrial, mining, commercial enterprises that are under the central government, and ensure that these enterprises implement related work safety laws and regulations; To guide and coordinate national work safety inspections; To organize and guide education concerning national work safety.

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