Lab Safety – The Basics

Laboratory safety is key in ensuring that when research is conducted, it’s done without causing harm to either the personnel or environment. In recent years, many regulatory standards have come out, it’s hard to keep up with the stringent requirements. 

In this infographic, we’re going back to the basics, where we’ll list out a few key pointers that you must account for before setting up your experiments. It ensures the safety of you and your lab personnel.

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Key pointers Aspects to consider
What are you working with?
  • Before setting up, consider the type of experiments you’re running & the materials that will be used
  • If you think they are hazardous, apprise yourself with the safety standards 
  • Classify the hazard — biological, chemical, physical, or radiological
Prepare yourself
  • Attend all laboratory safety training sessions, especially for materials you’re working with
  • Read the safety manual & only perform procedures you’re allowed to perform
  • It’s best to work under direct supervision or with other laboratory personnel
  • Know where the emergency workstations are, along with emergency medical kits
Account for Potential Exposure
  • Wear clothing that’s full sleeved and no open shoes to ensure that even without PPE, you’re safe
  • Avoid keeping any food items or drinks near your workstation
  • Use fume hoods to prevent exposure & keep the materials stored in designated cabinets
  • Report any damaged electrical or broken materials to your supervisor immediately
Implement protective standards
  • Don’t leave any ongoing experiments unattended
  • Practice good hygiene practices for yourself and the materials that are being used
  • Always wear PPE in the laboratory, irrespective of what you’re doing
  • Have dedicated stations to work, store and discard materials

Source: Division of Occupational Health and Safety, NIH

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