Infographic: Adaptable Lab Furniture Systems

Modern labs require flexibility allowing for easy reconfiguration of the lab space.

Let’s understand the SEFA guidelines for adaptable furniture.

Class 1

Floor mounted casework utilizes traditional base cabinet construction which is supported and attached to the floors and walls of the building.

Class 2

Wall rail casework systems use a wall-mounted fixed horizontal and/or vertical support rail from which the cabinetry is hung.

Class 3

Self Supporting Frame casework systems utilize a floor supported cantilevered support frame (C-Frame).

Class 4

Core based casework systems utilize a floor mounted support module (core) from which table frames, upper cabinets, shelving, service utility distribution, and ancillary items are suspended.

Class 5

Panel based systems are similar to Core based systems except they utilize a narrow support module, typically 6” or less.

Class 6

Table based systems use independent floor mounted self-supporting tables as the key component.

Class 7

Free Standing Workstations are table based systems utilizing floor mounted tables as the key component.

Class 8

Mobile Workstations are similar to Free Standing Workstations, but are typically mounted on casters to accommodate simple relocation

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