HVAC In Laboratories Quality Operations Considerations


Considering the hazards users are exposed to in a laboratory, the air quality must be tightly controlled to avoid contamination. Heating ventilation air systems (HVAC) play a critical role in controlling the hazards posed to lab users and the lab environment. Design and operations of HVAC systems for laboratory, is an important factor in ensuring a safe environment.

This webinar will provide insight into the quality & operations considerations needed to assure a safe working environment in the lab.


HVAC in Laboratories - Quality & Operations considerations


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    How to monitor and maintain air quality over long periods of time?

    Variable and Non-Variable air quality monitoring must be performed routinely.

    Which air filter is best for AHU?

    5 Micron, 0.3 micron air filter.

    How much adequeate +ve and -ve pressure is required in the analytical labs?

    Based on the hazard and grade area classification. Same grade or class min 5 PSI.

    What should be Temp & RH for chemical lab and physical lab in tyre cord industry?

    Based on human comfort.

    Is there any specified limits of Temp & RH inside analytical laboratories?

    Based on human comfort.

    What are the parameters of preventive maintenance?

    Ventilation system, filter cleaning, fitting checks, others.

    What should be the air quality maintained in the chemical and micro lab? Any standard specification?

    Chemical Lab: Air temperature, RH and detection devices for outdoor air.
    Micro Lab: Grade-C, Grade-D specification.

    What do you recommend for air flow measurement for the laboratory?

    Lab ventilation air flow measurement can be depends upon area classification.
    – Microbiology & Cell biology lab: Class-D 20 air changes
    – General lab: Based on hazards.

    Some time labs are designed with FCU’s. Is it ok or need AHU only?

    AHU is recommended.

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    Saroj has 16+ years of quality assurance & validation experience in the biopharma industry. Saroj's core competence is in the areas of quality compliance, CGMP systems implementation, regulatory compliance, and equipment qualification package. Saroj currently serves as the Head of QA at Stelis Biopharma & has worked with companies such as Dr.Reddys, Biocon, Wockhardt, and Cipla in the past.

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