How To Ensure Safety Compliance Through Lab Design

Laboratory compliance is often talked about but not always paid attention to. It’s a critical part of any laboratory and to ensure that laboratory personnel always remain compliant, we’ve drawn up a list of pointers you can keep in mind for your next evaluation.

Besides this, we recommend working with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) personnel and have a designated individual for this purpose in each laboratory so that no regulations are flouted.

Key Pointers Aspects to consider
Location of desks
  • Staff desks must be location outside the laboratory
  • It prevents any unnecessary items such as food & drinks from being stored with the laboratory premises
  • Instead, portable desks must be installed and only in spaces where experimentation is not carried out
  • Designated sitting areas can also be provided
Location of staff offices
  • Staff offices must be between break room and laboratories
  • The door on one side should lead to the break room and the other side should lead to the laboratory
  • This prevents personnel from eating/ drinking with the laboratory & saving their time 
Identify electrical needs
  • Calculate the number of electrical outlets before the construction process
  • This prevents the need for extension cords and power strips which could cause accidents
  • Also leave enough space for the creation of more electrical outlets if needed in the future
Location of mount holders
  • To prevent the avoidance of personal protective equipment (PPE), mount holders must be attached within the laboratory
  • These holders can hang PPE across different locations
  • Doing so, increases compliance over time
Use effective signage
  • Signage within the laboratory must be clear and effective
  • Wordiness must be avoided at all costs 
  • Colourful infographics must be pasted and must use a legible font and font size
  • Infographics must use common compliance signs to ensure universality across different laboratories
  • Chemicals/ equipment must be labelled properly for ease of use and segregation later

Source: Improving Safety Compliance through Lab Design (Clinical Lab Manager)

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