How To Design A Successful Laboratory

Designing a laboratory is a tougher task that one can imagine. Often, the reason these spaces aren’t well designed is because all the stakeholders have not been consulted during the design process.

It’s important to understand that all we must do the planning before the construction process, but also that the end-user’s input can come in quite handy. At Kewaunee International, we’re very particular about handholding you through the process, and ensuring that we build a laboratory that serves your purpose for years to come. 

We help you in the entire end to end process of designing and constructing your laboratory. A list of our turnkey services can be found here.

What to consider? Key pointers
Involve all stakeholders
  • Stakeholders – Designers, lab owners, lab users, lab manager, faculty/ staff, and lab maintenance personnel
  • It’s always best to include everybody’s input beforehand
  • Helps in understanding end-user’s requirements 
Understand the space
  • Always make a physical site visit to understand the space needed
  • Include the designers & lab managers to know how the space will be used
  • Draw up plans that account for all the end-user’s problems
Determine control areas
  • It’s important to determine the control areas to ensure aesthetics & regulations are accounted for
  • When these are determined, it makes for much better end-product
  • Involve Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) personnel to ensure compliance
Plan dedicated spaces
  • You need to dedicate spaces for – equipment, chemical storage, electrical, user movement, sitting areas, workspaces, and the like
  • This also means fume hoods & HVAC systems need to be aligned and electrical & mechanical need well-fitted drawings
  • Involve lab planner, architect, and MEP engineers in the process
Plan the equipment list
  • Always have the equipment list handy before planning the spatial design of the lab
  • Coordinate it with the lab manager & end-users 
  • Once you have the equipment handy, it’s also easier to figure out where to place fixed or adaptable furniture
  • It also ensures compliance requirements are met

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