Different Types Of Laboratory Furniture

When planning to set up a laboratory, there are many choices as to the type of equipment and furniture you will need. Moreover, when it comes to laboratory furniture, there are a lot of choices for researchers and scientists.

If you are planning your laboratory furniture, there are lots of features to customisations, specific needs, and regulatory criteria to consider. Whether you are starting a new laboratory or renovating an existing space, it is essential to select furniture that will last a long time; thus, the decision you make today will have consequences for years to come.

Laboratories come in many shapes and sizes and their functions differ depending on the specific needs they serve, and the risks associated with their functions. Every industry has varied forms of risks and precautions to be considered when designing a lab or lab furniture.

There are wet labs and dry labs to consider before choosing your laboratory furniture manufacturers in India. Wet laboratories are places offering services for research for chemicals, drugs, or other materials. They handle experiments primarily in liquid solutions. Such places usually require chemical-resistant surfaces, built-in sinks, and eye wash stations. Many times, there is a need for showers as well. However, dry lab is a place where work is done using small volumes of dry chemicals. These laboratories tend to possess large amounts of electronic equipment for computing mathematical models or computer-generated tests.

In this blog post, we will explore the different types of laboratory furniture available and their use.

Lab Furniture Types Description
Laboratory Benches & Workbenches Usually called as a lab bench (or a lab workstation), they are the long tables to conduct experiments. Depending on the nature of research they benches may have racks attached on top for storage, and provisions for utilities like gas, water, and electricity. The space underneath can also be configured for storage.
Lab Case Works The series of cabinets used for storage are collectively called as case works. Typically, the case works are built-in cabinets and in certain cases, they can be standalone. Modern laboratories use modular case works, which provide the flexibility of moving them around & reconfiguring without massive reconstruction. 
Lab Cabinets Cabinets are commonly found in a lab and used for storage. Depending on the storage needs the cabinets can be general purpose cabinets, chemical storage cabinets & flammable safety cabinets, or mobile cabinets for easy movement. 
Lab Chairs and Stools Lab chairs and stools are purpose-built equipment for the labs for sitting down in the lab. 
Emergency Showers Good lab practice requires handling emergency appropriately and swiftly. Emergency safety shower stations and emergency eyewash serve the purpose of reducing workplace injury and keeping workers away from various dangers.
Lab Carts  Carts are used for moving equipment and substances between workstations.
Accessories A plethora of accessories, like lab sinks, peg boards, task lights, service panels, etc complete the needs of a laboratory.

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