Covid 19 Key Facts Mutations And Vaccines


As with any pandemic, there is a lot of incorrect information regarding COVID-19. Knowing the facts, grounded in the latest scientific evidence, is the key to being properly prepared to protect ourselves.

This webinar summarises the current situation about COVID-19, important mutations, and approved vaccines. Key takeaways for the webinar participants are:
– Learn about the important points and updated information about COVID-19, how it spreads, and how it is affecting people worldwide.
– Know the different vaccines and how they work, as vaccination is important to stop the spread of the virus.
– Be aware of the new mutations of the virus, which may reduce the efficacy of the existing vaccines.

Knowing the facts is the key to being properly prepared and protect oneself from the COVID-19 virus.


Covid-19 : Key Facts, Important Mutations & Approved Vaccines


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