Colour Codes Of Safety Cabinets

A laboratory, depending on the nature of the research & experiment, deals with many hazardous gases and harmful chemicals. Storing chemicals in the right way is essential for eliminating the potential risk. Hence, the laboratory planners and users must know the gases and chemicals used in the lab, and their storage should be planned accordingly. Organisations like OSHA and NFPA issue guidelines and regulations on safety cabinets.

Colour coding of safety cabinets is one of the mechanisms used to help the users safely organise the chemicals and hazardous materials. The colour coding provides for easy visual identification. Additionally, during an emergency, colour coding helps the responders and fire-fighting personnel with an idea on what chemicals are stored in the lab. 

Even though any type of flammable chemical stored in any colour safety cabinet, the commonly accepted colour coding convention for safety cabinets are:

Yellow Flammable chemicals & liquids
Blue Acids & corrosive chemicals
Red Paints, inks, combustible liquids 
Green Pesticides and insecticides

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