Kewaunee's Digital Laboratory 4.0 Optimizes Workflows and Enhances Safety

Kewaunee's 4.0 Optimizes Workflows and Enhances Safety

The landscape of scientific research is currently experiencing a dynamic shift. Laboratories are no longer confined to sterile environments filled with standalone equipment. Smart labs today are embracing the power of digital technologies, pushing the boundaries of safety, efficiency, and collaboration. At Kewaunee, our team recognizes and embraces this evolution, remaining at the forefront of innovation.

Kewaunee's digital laboratory exceeds the traditional concept of a laboratory, acting as a dynamic hub for scientific knowledge and resources. Imagine a vast and readily accessible repository of equipment manuals, safety protocols, experimental procedures, and best practices – all meticulously curated, indexed, and available at your fingertips. This eliminates the time-consuming task of searching through physical manuals or scattered documents.

Smarter Research, Streamlined Workflows: Exploring Kewaunee's Cutting-Edge Lab 4.0 Features


Lab ASIMO ™ is an innovative IoT solution that transforms laboratories into eco-friendly and secure environments.

Benefits of Lab ASIMO

Round-the-clock Monitoring: Lab ASIMO TM serves as your vigilant guardian, maintaining constant surveillance on crucial factors such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. This continuous observation enables you to detect and resolve potential issues before they develop into more significant concerns.

Energy Efficiency: Lab ASIMO TM helps you optimize energy use in your lab by identifying areas for improvement and suggesting adjustments to equipment settings. This translates to significant cost savings on your energy bills while also minimizing your lab's environmental footprint.

2. 3D BIM

3D BIM goes beyond conventional blueprints by forming a digital duplicate of your entire laboratory, encompassing every piece of equipment, wall, and fixture. This technology provides numerous advantages, especially in the realm of designing adaptable and collaborative laboratories.

Benefits of 3D BIM

Enhanced Design Flexibility: With 3D BIM, lab personnel can rapidly and effortlessly explore different design alternatives. If a new instrument needs to be integrated, all it takes is adjusting the virtual model to visualize the impact immediately. This adaptability gives you the power to develop a laboratory that precisely corresponds with your changing research requirements.

Streamlined Collaboration: The 3D BIM serves as the central hub for all parties involved in the laboratory design process. This includes architects, engineers, and researchers who can utilize this virtual model to collaborate in real time. Such a platform facilitates clear communication and ensures alignment among stakeholders.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an innovative method for optimizing airflow design for conventional and flexible lab setups. CFD employs advanced computer software to replicate airflow behaviors in your lab, offering visualization of air movement, temperature distribution, and contaminant dispersion.

Benefits of CFD lab airflow design

Precise Design for Flexible Labs: CFD simulations enable testing of different configurations for fume hoods, workstations, and equipment placements. This ensures the effectiveness of your lab's airflow system as your research needs evolve.

Enhanced Safety: CFD simulations are instrumental in pinpointing stagnant air areas or insufficient containment, allowing for the design of an airflow system that reduces the risk of exposure to hazardous fumes and airborne contaminants.

Access a comprehensive library of Kewaunee's high-quality lab furniture and equipment directly in the cloud. Utilize the interactive 3D design features to virtually build your lab, experiment with layouts, and visualize your workspace in stunning detail.

Benefits of Efficax Cloud Design

Effortless Lab Design: Efficax Cloud simplifies lab planning by removing the need for complex software or physical setups. With access to Kewaunee's extensive digital laboratory collection in the cloud, you can create your ideal laboratory from any location at any time with ease.

Real-Time Collaboration: The cloud facilitates smooth collaboration with Kewaunee's laboratory design specialists. Share your design concepts, obtain input, and enhance your layout – all within a unified platform.

Digital twins represent the cutting-edge evolution of industrial IoT, seamlessly bridging the physical and digital realms. This innovative technology empowers businesses to simulate, diagnose, and forecast the performance of physical assets and equipment.

Benefits of Digital Twins

Enhanced Simulations: Before conducting an experiment on costly or delicate equipment, it's essential to simulate different scenarios using the digital twin. This practice enables researchers to refine protocols, reduce errors, and safeguard equipment safety with precision and confidence.

Improved Efficiency: Digital twins play a crucial role in creating a more efficient lab environment by optimizing equipment usage and minimizing downtime. This cutting-edge technology allows researchers to concentrate on their core tasks while the digital twin diligently monitors and safeguards valuable equipment.

Kewaunee's 4.0 Empowers Smarter Labs

Kewaunee's digital solutions represent a pivotal advancement in the realm of laboratory efficiency and safety. The integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AR, VR, digital twins, IoT platforms, and cloud-based tools showcases Kewaunee's commitment to revolutionizing lab operations, construction processes, and design planning. The Digital Laboratory 4.0 serves as a comprehensive repository of resources for enhancing lab operations through immersive training experiences and real-time monitoring capabilities enabled by IoT integration. Moreover, it streamlines project execution with smart project management tools and optimizes lab design with advanced visualization software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the digital laboratory can be customized to meet the specific needs of various organizations. This includes integrating customizable search filters, tailoring user-specific access permissions, and seamless integration with management systems.

A Digital Lab allows personnel to access real devices and browsers via an automation interface that provides guaranteed service availability.

The Digital laboratory provides immediate access to a wide array of scientific literature, research papers, software, and data resources while enhancing learning experiences through virtual training modules and tutorials.

Yes! Through immersive VR/AR experiences, stakeholders can interact with virtual lab environments pre-construction to facilitate well-informed decisions and design refinements.