Types of Fume Hoods Based on Configuration

Infographic : Types of Fume Hoods Based on Configuration

Laboratory fume hoods are designed for specific use. Based on the configuration, fume hoods come in a variety of types.

Bench-Top Fume Hood

A bench-top fume hood is generally placed on bench-top or above a storage cabinet. Bench hoods are set on a worksurface approximately 36″ above the floor and provide a convenient work area for the standing position.

Distillation Fume Hood

A distillation hood has the same components as a bench-top hoods with the exception that the design provides a grater interior height. Th grater interior height enables use of larger apparatus.

Floor-Mounted Fume Hood

Floor-Mounted fume hoods(or walk-in hoods) are used where taller apparatus is required for equipment is rolled into the hood. These hoods provide a minimum 78″ of interior working height.

Radioisotopes Fume Hood

Isotope hoods are designed for use with radioactive materials. The radioisotopes hods have type 304 stainless steel cove corner seamless welded construction – for easy cleaning and decontamination.

Perchloric Acid Fume Hood

A perchloric acid hood has the general characteristics of a bench-top hoods, but the interior lining is coved and welded seamless stainless steel.In perchloric acid hood non-reactive and corrosion-resistant material is extended all the way through the exhaust system.

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