Kewaunee's Sustainable Laboratory Solutions Helps to Reduce Your Lab's Carbon Footprint & Maximize Your Research

Kewaunee's Sustainable Laboratory Solutions Helps to Reduce
Your Lab's Carbon Footprint & Maximize Your Research


In the wake of escalating concerns over climate change, the significance of sustainable practices has never been more pressing. Often overlooked in the discourse on environmental impact, laboratories emerge as unexpected heavyweights in carbon emissions and waste generation. The stark reality reveals laboratories consume exponentially more energy and water while producing copious plastic waste than standard office spaces. This relentless cycle exacerbates environmental degradation and incurs substantial operational costs over time. But amidst this environmental reckoning, a beacon of hope shines bright: the prospect of transitioning to sustainable laboratory solutions.

At Kewaunee International Group, we are dedicated to offering transformative products and services that revolutionize laboratory operations with sustainability at their core. By seamlessly integrating eco-friendly practices into your workflow, Kewaunee empowers you to tread lightly on our planet without compromising research efficacy or excellence.

4 Key Factors to Consider for Sustainable Lab Solutions: Save Money, Save the Planet


Biodegradable and Compostable Solutions

By incorporating biodegradable and compostable laboratory elements, such as pipette tips and petri dishes, laboratories can significantly mitigate their environmental impact. These eco-friendly products decompose naturally, reducing waste and lowering the lab's carbon footprint. Adopting these sustainable alternatives supports a greener future and demonstrates a commitment to responsible scientific practices.


Recyclable Lab Consumables

Opting for lab consumables made from recycled materials is a decisive step towards sustainability. By choosing these products, laboratories significantly reduce their environmental footprint while bolstering the recycling industry. Support the circular economy by integrating recycled lab consumables into your operations and making a meaningful impact today.


Green Cleaning Practices

Adopting environmentally friendly cleaning products and implementing a green cleaning program can significantly reduce the environmental impact of laboratory operations. Furthermore, these practices enhance the health and safety of the laboratory staff. Green cleaning products are typically biodegradable, non-toxic, and made from renewable resources, making them a more sustainable choice for maintaining your laboratory. Elevate your lab's efficiency while embracing eco-friendly routines today!


Reusable Consumables

Choosing reusable lab consumables over disposable ones promotes sustainability and results in considerable long-term cost savings. By minimizing waste, laboratories can significantly contribute to a greener environment. Investing in these durable alternatives will help you establish a more sustainable laboratory with an economically efficient setup.

Our range of Eco-Conscious Products Emphasizes On

  • Energy Efficiency: Incorporating advanced features and functionalities significantly minimizes energy consumption and reduces operational durations.
  • Hazardous Material Reduction: Our products are specifically engineered to exclude all ozone-depleting gases and other harmful substances, ensuring a commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising quality.
  • Waste Reduction: We offer innovative solutions that conserve water, incorporate recycled materials, and are produced in resource-conscious facilities to reduce waste generation significantly.
  • Sustainable Packaging: At Kewaunee, our innovative approach emphasizes using recycled materials, reduces plastic usage to a minimum, and strives towards sustainable laboratory solutions. By adopting these practices, we aim to lessen our environmental impact while delivering high-quality products you can trust.
  • Long-term Cost Effectiveness: Our lab solutions contribute to long-term cost savings for laboratories by minimizing water usage and providing alternatives to single-use products.

Lab ASIMO™: Your Intelligent Partner for a Smarter, More Efficient Lab

Lab ASIMO™ from Kewaunee offers round-the-clock monitoring, diligently overseeing essential factors like temperature, humidity, and air quality. This constant surveillance allows you to preemptively address any potential issues before they escalate.

Additionally, Lab ASIMO™ aids in enhancing energy efficiency within your lab by pinpointing areas for improvement and recommending equipment setting adjustments. These insights can result in substantial cost savings on energy bills while simultaneously making your facility a sustainable laboratory.


Summing It Up

Kewaunee International Group is committed to advancing scientific operations through innovative and sustainable laboratory solutions. By integrating energy-efficient technologies, reducing hazardous materials, and minimizing waste generation, we ensure that our products support both environmental sustainability and operational excellence.

Partner with us at Kewaunee International Group for eco-conscious laboratory products you can trust—leading the way towards a more sustainable future in scientific research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kewaunee provides a comprehensive selection of sustainable solutions for laboratory environments. Our offerings include energy-efficient fume hoods, recyclable laboratory furniture, efficient bio-safety cabinets, and other products.

Kewaunee boasts a range of sustainable products that have received prestigious accreditations for environmental compliance. This includes strict adherence to ISO 14001 standards for Environmental Management Systems.

At Kewaunee, we are dedicated to helping laboratories embrace sustainable practices. We offer comprehensive support and resources, including detailed educational materials, specialized training programs, and expert turnkey and managed services. Our team assists with every stage, from selecting to installing and maintaining eco-friendly products and solutions.

Investing in sustainable laboratory solutions from Kewaunee provides a range of significant advantages, including substantial cost savings through reduced energy and water consumption. Additionally, it enhances environmental stewardship, improves workplace safety and comfort, and aligns seamlessly with corporate social responsibility goals.

We understand that every laboratory has unique needs. That’s why we offer comprehensive customization options for sustainable solutions. Our services include tailor-made designs, sizes, and configurations to meet the specific requirements of individual laboratories and research facilities.