Maximizing Safety in Labs with Kewaunee’s
Interceptor Vertical Laminar Air Flow Chamber

Maximizing Safety in Labs with Kewaunee’s Interceptor Vertical
Laminar Air Flow Chamber


As scientists push the boundaries of discovery, they must operate in an environment that fosters innovation, safeguards sensitive samples, and ensures personnel safety. Kewaunee, a leader in laboratory equipment manufacturing, rises to this challenge with the introduction of its cutting-edge Interceptor Vertical Laminar Air Flow Chamber.

This state-of-the-art chamber sets a new benchmark for laboratory safety standards. It empowers researchers to conduct critical experiments with utmost confidence and peace of mind.

By employing precisely controlled airflow coupled with advanced filtration systems, the Interceptor Vertical Laminar Air Flow Chamber creates a sterile workspace free from contaminants—protecting both samples and researchers.

The Kewaunee Interceptor: Your Reliable Laminar Flow Cabinet Solution

Kewaunee Laminar air flow chamber, also known as laminar clean benches, provides a controlled aseptic workspace, ensuring that products and specimens remain uncontaminated by particulates such as microorganisms. The laminar air flow cabinet operates by drawing air through a HEPA filter and projecting it in a smooth, continuous stream toward the user—a process that defines their name. These specialized enclosures are essential in environments where sample protection is paramount because they direct airflow outward.

Kewaunee’s Interceptor is a renowned vertical laminar air flow cabinet employed widely across global laboratories. Available in various sizes to meet different needs, this cabinet features an advanced touch screen interface for streamlined operation and enhanced safety measures.

Feature-Packed Interceptor Laminar Flow Cabinets

  • The presence of an ergonomic armrest included with base stand
  • Dished worksurface made up of Epoxy resin or Stainless steel
  • Low noise and vibration element
  • Energy-efficient LED present in the cabinet
  • Enhanced performance, safety and operator comfort
  • Vertical laminar flow available
  • Touch screen user interface present
  • Adjustable height base stand
  • 10° Angled Safety Glass
  • Hinged Front Panel with self-support brackets
  • Front Loading HEPA Filter
  • Disposable Trace Odor Pre-filter for eliminating the smell
  • Optional UV Lamp

Why Choose Kewaunee?


Industry Expertise

With decades of unparalleled experience designing and manufacturing high-quality laboratory equipment, Kewaunee is a trusted name in the industry. Our expertise guarantees that you will receive a laminar airflow chamber meticulously engineered to meet stringent industry standards for performance and reliability.


Quality Construction

Kewaunee laminar air flow chamber stands out for its robust construction, employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials. These chambers are designed to endure over time, featuring corrosion-resistant surfaces and smooth, easy-to-clean interiors that ensure the maintenance of sterile conditions effectively.


Advanced Airflow Technology

Our company integrates cutting-edge airflow technology, featuring high-efficiency HEPA filters and precise airflow control systems. This ensures uniform air distribution and efficient particle removal, significantly reducing the risk of contamination while maintaining smooth working conditions.


Compliance and Certification

Kewaunee’s Laminar Airflow Cabinet is meticulously engineered to meet ISO 14644-1 Standard Class 5 benchmarks. Every chamber undergoes rigorous testing and stringent certification processes, guaranteeing exceptional functionality and unmatched reliability.


Support and Service

At Kewaunee, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer support and service. Our comprehensive offerings include installation, training, and maintenance to ensure your laminar airflow chamber operates at peak performance. Our team of experts is readily available to assist with setup, troubleshooting, and continuous support.

Kewaunee today to explore the BSCs and unlock an enhanced research experience.

Functions of Laminar Airflow Chamber

  • Laminar airflow chambers utilize high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to produce a unidirectional stream of filtered air. This flow efficiently eliminates airborne particles, dust, and contaminants.
  • Laminar airflow cabinets direct a continuous stream of filtered air over the work area, creating a barrier that prevents contaminants from entering the workspace.
  • The clean airflow within laminar chambers is crucial for safeguarding sensitive samples, equipment, and instruments from airborne particles and contaminants. This protection is necessary for preserving the integrity and reliability of experimental results.
  • By offering a well-regulated and sterile workspace, laminar airflow chambers significantly boost productivity and efficiency in lab activities.

The Choice for High-performance Labs: High-Performance Kewaunee Chambers

The Kewaunee Laminar Air Flow Chamber stands as a pinnacle of innovation and reliability in aseptic workspace solutions. With decades of industry expertise, superior construction quality, and advanced airflow technology, these chambers are engineered to excel in demanding laboratory environments.

The Interceptor laminar chamber exemplifies Kewaunee's commitment to excellence with its ergonomic design, enhanced safety features, and user-friendly interfaces. Choosing Kewaunee means opting for unparalleled performance backed by rigorous certification processes that meet ISO 14644-1 Standard Class 5 benchmarks.

Trust in Kewaunee’s legacy of precision engineering where quality meets functionality seamlessly tailored for optimal sample protection—because when it comes to safeguarding vital research materials, only the best will suffice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A laminar airflow chamber, also known as a clean bench, ensures a sterile working environment by directing filtered air in a uniform, unidirectional flow over the work surface.

Laminar airflow chambers are employed for aseptic handling of materials, cell culture work, sample preparation, and other applications that demand a clean and sterile workspace.

To ensure optimal filtration efficiency and effective contamination control, it is essential to replace HEPA filters at the regular intervals suggested by the manufacturer.

Regular cleaning and maintenance, including disinfecting surfaces and replacing filters when necessary, are essential to maintain the sterile environment's integrity.

Kewaunee provides extensive warranty coverage for its laminar airflow chambers, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in product quality and reliability.