Expertly Crafted Lab Equipment by Kewaunee, Your Trusted Lab Furniture Manufacturers in Chennai

Expertly Crafted Lab Equipment by Kewaunee, Your Trusted Lab Furniture Manufacturers in Chennai

The essence of scientific discovery often resides within the confines of a laboratory. It is within the walls, among beakers and microscopes, that groundbreaking research finds its genesis. Yet, beneath every eureka moment lies an essential cornerstone – a thoughtfully constructed workspace that empowers researchers and cultivates innovation. This is where Kewaunee excels as a leader in creating efficient laboratory furniture tailored to every need.

Kewaunee is renowned as the best lab furniture manufacturers in Chennai. It specializes in the production of highly functional units. Our steadfast dedication to quality and precision is evident in our versatile range of laboratory furniture solutions. Whether your vision encompasses a dynamic research and development (R&D) lab, a precise quality control (QC) environment, or an enriching space for scientific education, the Kewaunee team possesses the expertise to transform your vision into reality.

Kewaunee's Adaptable Systems for the Evolving Workspace

Kewaunee's adaptable systems are expertly crafted to cater to the requirements of the contemporary laboratory, where flexibility and adjustability are paramount. While certain elements, such as sinks, will remain fixed in any laboratory, our range of options caters to the adaptable needs of diverse research requirements.

Class 1: Fixed Floor Mounted and Wall Supported Furniture

Crafted with fully welded, heavy-gauge steel construction and meeting SEFA standards, this furniture piece features a powder-coated lab-grade finish. It also offers the option of stainless steel construction and allows customization with various styles, pulls, and hardware to suit your specific needs.

Class 2: Wall Rail System

Kewaunee Wall Hanging System offers support for a wide range of accessories, such as adjustable worksurface frames, upper and lower hanging cabinetry, customizable shelving, lighting fixtures, tackboards and markerboards, as well as pegboards.

The double-slotted vertical uprights from Kewaunee lab furniture manufacturers in Chennai are compatible with the uprights of Alpha modules for component interchangeability. This system can be utilized in full-height form or above floor-mounted furniture.

Class 3: Self-Supporting Frame

The versatile and essential Class 3 Self-Supporting Frame from Kewaunee serves as a robust support system for laboratory furniture, offering flexibility to accommodate various laboratory setups. It features a sturdy and durable structure capable of easily supporting benchtops, shelving units, and storage cabinets. Engineered to be self-supporting, this frame eliminates the necessity for extra support structures while enabling convenient installation and reconfiguration.

Class 4: Core Based Units

The 12" Island Structural units from Kewaunee offer support for a variety of accessories, such as adjustable worksurface frames, tables, hanging cabinetry (upper and lower), floor-mounted cabinetry, shelving, lighting, and electrical and plumbing raceway. We also manufacture 6" of service space capable of receiving standard pipe hangers for easy installation of service piping and electrical conduit. The designed system enables above- and below-worksurface shelving suspension while ensuring simple structural alignment and attachment to adjacent modules.

Class 5: Panel Based Configuration

Kewaunee lab furniture manufacturers in Chennai offer 6" Partition Modules for a variety of accessories, such as adjustable worksurface frames, tables, hanging cabinetry (both upper and lower), floor-mounted cabinetry, shelving units that can be adjusted to different heights, lighting installations, electrical and plumbing raceway systems. Additionally, they accommodate service drops, tack boards, and marker boards.

Class 6: Table Based Units

Free-standing adjustable Height Tables are offered in two options: 24" deep or 30" deep worksurface tops, with lengths as indicated. The telescoping tubular steel legs enable the table to be adjusted in height from 30" to 36", adjustable by one-inch increments. Its features include a cold-rolled steel frame and four adjustable legs with glides. These tables can accommodate Suspended Cabinets.

Class 7: Free Standing Workstation

Movable workstations with self-supporting features are available in single—and double-sided configurations. Kewaunee free-standing workstations feature adjustable height worksurfaces, integrated shelving systems, pre-plumbed integrated services, and pre-wired integrated power and data capabilities for enhanced functionality.

Class 8: Alpha Mobile Workstation

The Alpha Mobile Workstation boasts exceptional adaptability and offers the convenience of mobility with its standard double-slotted uprights mounted on a gauge steel frame. It is equipped with large-diameter, heavy-duty casters or glides and can be obtained with or without an overhead carrier. The system comes in all standard module lengths ranging from 24" to 72" and accepts various Alpha System components, such as adjustable height cantilevered worksurface frames that support worksurface tops and suspended base cabinets.

Kewaunee - Your Partner in Building High-Performance Laboratories

Kewaunee lab furniture manufacturers in Chennai specialize in creating conducible ecosystems that are designed to optimize workflow, improve safety standards, and cultivate an inspiring atmosphere. Our unwavering dedication to ergonomics guarantees user comfort and reduces fatigue, while our careful selection of materials prioritizes durability and chemical resistance for long-term performance.

We understand the uniqueness of each laboratory space, its specific requirements, and research objectives. That's why we provide a comprehensive catalog featuring safety cabinets, workstations, benches, and storage solutions—all crafted to seamlessly integrate within your lab environment while promoting collaboration among your research team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kewaunee Manufacturers offer comprehensive guidelines on maintaining and caring for lab furniture to maximize longevity and ensure optimal performance. These guidelines encompass detailed cleaning procedures and recommended practices that are essential for preserving the quality of the equipment.

Please inquire about the manufacturing lead time and delivery schedules to the Kewunee team.

Our team has extensive experience handling large-scale projects and is adept at efficiently managing bulk orders and providing comprehensive logistical support for laboratory installations.

Kewaunee lab furniture manufacturers in Chennai provide professional customization services to tailor lab furniture dimensions, materials, and configurations to laboratories' specific needs.

Our team offers an extensive range of lab furnitures, including benches, cabinets, storage solutions, and ergonomic accessories.