Since 1906 - Our history

In 1906, a handful of investors with a vision, hired 18 workers and formed what is today, the Kewaunee Scientific Corporation.Their goal was ambitious: build a superior line of laboratory furniture and accessories. Until the early 1900's, America relied on Europe, particularly Germany, for the bulk of its laboratory equipment. After World War I, the American scientific industry began to gain ground, and Kewaunee grew rapidly. During World War II, Kewaunee was a government contractor for the Air Corps, and an important supplier for the Manhattan Project. After the war, Kewaunee responded to the increased demand for scientific laboratory equipment by building its present facilities in Statesville, North Carolina and expanding its team of experienced people. In the last 110 years, Kewaunee has expanded to China, Singapore and India, ensuring it leaves a mark in the South Asian and Middle East markets, as well.

While Kewaunee has been constantly revolutionizing its offerings, in the last 110 years, it has remained faithful to its goal –to build the best and most superior line of laboratory furniture that can be built!

  • 1906
    Manufacture of lab furniture begins
  • 1926
    Starts manufacture of wooden furniture
  • 1941
    Introduces "Kemrock" - stone worktops
  • 1955
    Production starts in Statesville, USA
  • 1959
    The name "Kewaunee" appears
  • 1965
    Starts production of Kemresin tops
  • 1967
    Kewaunee Scientific Equipment Corporation
  • 1968
    Kewaunee Scientific goes public
  • 1986
    Steel furniture operations moved to Statesville
  • 1998
    Kewaunee Labway Asia,Singapore
  • 1999
    Kewaunee Singapore signs Turnkey Project in Jurong
  • 2000
    Kewaunee Labway India Bengaluru
  • 2001
    1st turnkey project in India signed
  • 2002
    Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad operations begin
  • 2003
    Signs contract with Dr.Reddy's
  • 2005
    Completes 500 projects, expands to Middle East
  • 2006
    India expands into laboratory infrastructure
  • 2007
    Kewaunee Singapore signs PAAET in Kuwait.
  • 2008
    Signs contracts with Shell & Alexandria
  • 2009
    Manufacturing plant set up in Bengaluru
  • 2010
    Crosses a record 1000 projects
  • 2011
    Bengaluru exports lab furniture
  • 2012
    Major projects signed
  • 2013
    GE award for service excellence received
  • 2014
    Kewaunee Suzhou Corporation, China
  • 2015
    1st Greenfield Project completion
  • 2016
    Completes Shell's New Tech Centre project