Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tops and working surfaces are made of Type 304 stainless steel, unless specified otherwise. All exposed surfaces are 16 gauge stainless steel reinforced on the underside by 16 gauge carbon steel channels. They are spaced in such a way that twisting, oil-canning or buckling are prevented. Exposed edges of tops are formed into a 1" thick channel shape, and suitable wood inserts are provided on all four edges of the underside of the top to facilitate anchoring to the base units.

Splash rails and curbs are formed from the same sheet as the top or are welded to form integral parts thereof. The top edges of curbs and splash-backs are formed into a channel shape. Unless otherwise shown or called for, all tops having built-in sinks, have a raised rim 1" wide, on all edges. Where stainless steel sinks are supplied, the sink bowl is welded to the top so as to form an integral part thereof.

All welds are ground smooth and polished to a uniform satin finish over the entire top and sink assembly. Soldering of the sinks, curbs or splash rails to the top will not be permitted. Mechanical joints or field joints are a tight butt joint of the top surfaces; reinforced and held in alignment with the steel reinforcements.

After fabrication and polishing, surfaces of the tops are given a strippable plastic coating to protect the tops during shipment and installation. The underside of tops and sinks are coated with a plastic sound deadener.