Epoxy Resin tops consists of modified Epoxy Resin that has been specially compounded and cured to provide optimum physical and chemical resistance properties required of a heavy-duty laboratory table top. They are of a uniform mixture throughout and with full thickness. Therefore, unlike a surface coating, the top cannot be easily removed or damaged by chemical and/or physical abuse.

The tops and curbs are designed to be non-glaring. Tops are made to be 1" thick, with exposed edges beveled top and bottom, and have drip grooves provided on the underside of all the exposed edges. 4" high curbs at the back and ends of the tops are 1" thick and bonded to the deck to form a square watertight joint.

The sink cutouts are smooth and uniform without saw marks with the top edge beveled. The bottom edge of the sink opening has a smooth finish with the edge broken to prevent sharpness. The corners of the sink have a radius of not less than 3/4".