Polypropylene Laboratory Exhaust Systems

AirClean® Systems' economical, single- walled polypropylene fume hood is ideal for industrial applications where a ductless hood, workstation or enclosure is not appropriate and a full hood exhaust system is needed. These units are provided with a folding sash and vapor-proof fluorescent light. The single- walled design provides maximum work area for a fume hood of this size.

AirZone™ baffling within the total exhaust fume hood allows for a predictable and effective airflow pattern to capture toxic chemical fumes and vapors. The thermally- fused, seamless design provides a built-in work base that will effectively contain liquids and provide excellent chemical resistance.

Standard Features

  • Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance, resulting in no rust.

Safety Features

  • Real- time monitoring of installed filtration bed.


  • Polypropylene blowers.